What is a Class 4 misdemeanor in the state of Virginia

As per the Code of Virginia,

  • 18.2-11. Punishment for conviction of misdemeanor.

“The authorized punishments for conviction of a misdemeanor are:

  1. For Class 1 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.
  1. For Class 2 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than six months and a fine of not more than $1,000, either or both.
  • For Class 3 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $500.
  1. For Class 4 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $250.

For a misdemeanor offense prohibiting proximity to children as described in subsection A of § 18.2-370.2, the sentencing court is authorized to impose the punishment set forth in subsection B of that section in addition to any other penalty provided by law.”

What Is Meant By The Term “Misdemeanor”?

Crimes can be divided into two types: felonies and misdemeanors. What makes a crime a felony or a misdemeanor is based upon the potential maximum sentence. Misdemeanors are crimes that are considered to be less serious when compared to a felony.

The punishment for misdemeanors are normally by fine, as well as serving no more than one year as jail time. In addition, the jail time is generally served in a county jail. When compared to the jail time for a felony crime, the offender will have to serve their sentence at a state prison.

Keep in mind that misdemeanors are taken much more gravely and sternly than infractions.

Misdemeanor Charges

The state of Virginia takes cases of misdemeanor very seriously and follows its punishment accordingly. In the state of Virginia, misdemeanors fall under four classes. Class 1 is the most severe one. Class 4, the least.

  1. If the wrongdoer is considered for the misdemeanor charges for Class 1, the wrongdoer will have to serve about a year in prison and pay a heavy price of $2,500. If the wrongdoer receives the charge of serving jail time, they will be serving it in their city jail, not the state high-security
  2. If misdemeanor charges come under Class 3, a fine of $500 will be placed. Those offenders that fall under Class 4, a fine of no more than $250 will have to be paid by

Involve Your Virginian Lawyer To Fight For Your Case

If you have been charged or suspected for a misdemeanor charge, you need to get the services of your skilled and knowledgeable attorney to present your defense.

Your attorney is familiar with the entire trial procedures and processes. There is no one better than a Virginian attorney who is aware of the entire process and can prepare and instruct you to take the necessary steps for your favorable outcome. Your expert and a practiced Virginian lawyer can also guide and direct you to some possible alternatives that the judge might be willing to consider.

Whatever the class of misdemeanor you are charged for, you should retain the services of an experienced attorney on whom you can rely on their investigative expertise, experience, and extensive legal knowledge to fight for you and win for you.