Hanover Virginia Narcotics laws

A conviction which includes drug possession in Hanover, Virginia can result in some severe consequences. A criminal sentence has a much greater influence than the instant penalties imposed by the court. In Virginia, having a drug is measured as a misdemeanor which carries maximum jail time and fines. For a college student, a sentence for a drug-related crime could keep you from getting student aid or credits. If you are applying for jobs, managers will see your sentence when they conduct a criminal background check. This is particularly true for jobs demanding a security clearance. These are just certain ways a minor drug sentence such as possession of marijuana or cocaine in Hanover can inflict your life.

Drug Enforcement Hanover, Virginia

Drug possession is a precedence of law enforcement not only in Hanover but all over the state. Police officers have an unusual interest in clearing the city of schedule one and schedule two substances. According to narcotics laws these contain substances such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and even some prescription drugs when controlled without a valid prescription. If someone is held with a large amount of controlled substances, they might be charged with possession with intention to distribute.

Possession of Marijuana in Hanover, Virginia

Possession of marijuana in Hanover is a criminal offense according to the Virginia Code. This crime is severely enforced throughout Hanover VA and has serious penalties that can severely affect your liberty & future liable on the evidence of the case and whether the accusation involves possession only or distribution. According to narcotics laws in Hanover Virginia, a marijuana possession sentence can be punishable as follows:

  • Imprisonment
  • Maximum $500 fine
  • Suspension of Virginia driving rights for 6 months.
  • Substance abuse evaluation and treatment if essential
  • Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
  • Community Service
  • Loss of work or employment prospects
  • Loss of student assistance

Possession of Cocaine in Hanover, Virginia

Cocaine usage and possession is still a very popular drug charge in Virginia today, and as lawyers. According to narcotics laws in Hanover Virginia, possession of cocaine, a controlled substance, is illegal and punishable with severe consequences. Cocaine is a schedule II controlled substance according to narcotics laws in Virginia. Possessing this controlled substance is considered as class 5 felony which has a punishment of 1-10 years in prison and a fine of $2,500. Some of the individuals alleged with a first offense of cocaine ownership may be capable for a deferral program according to Virginia Code §18.2-251. This statute permits the client to be placed on trial for a period of time under terms and conditions. If the deferral is effective, the charge is dismissed by the judge. In case a person is accused with cocaine possession, his driving license will be suspended and he will be placed in a deferral program.

Mistakes to Avoid in Drug Cases

The two major mistakes an individual can make when dealing with a drug case are laziness and assumptions. Drug charges must be taken very seriously. A single mistake can lead to a sentence and jail time, and these can happen when an individual assumes anything about drug possession cases.