Expungement Lawyers in Shenandoah Virginia

Expungement is a process in which the individual who has been arrested and charged with a crime, who was not convicted, can have the court and police records of the arrest and charges sealed from public view. The very first step for the people who seek expungement in Shenandoah Virginia is to file a petition. It outlines the relevant facts, states an individual eligibility and request the relief sought. In case you have been charged with, and later acquitted of, a first-time misdemeanor crime in Shenandoah Virginia, it is possible to get that arrest removed from your record through an expungement lawyer, in accordance with Code 19.2-392.2.

What an Expungement Can Do for You?

According to expungement law in Shenandoah Virginia, receiving an expungement wipes a criminal custody off your record for good, an action that brings a number of significant benefits:

  • Permits you to stop an employer or prospective employer from knowing that you were arrested
  • Needs law enforcement agencies in ownership of your record to remove the record of the arrest
  • Benefits you in the procedure of removing your arrest records from the internet and keep them from being exposed in an internet search
  • Benefits you avoid being turned down for housing and learning prospects due to your criminal record.

If you need help with an expungement, Shenandoah Virginia expungement lawyers can help you stand up for your rights.

Who is entitled to Obtain Expungement

According to expungement law in Shenandoah Virginia the individual who are entitled to obtain expungement includes:

  • An offender in a criminal case who pleads “not guilty” and is then cleared by a judge.
  • An individual in a civil act who is accused with disapproval of court, but is found not guilty.
  • An offender in a criminal case which the Commonwealth Lawyer’s office agrees not to impeach for all charges.
  • A suspect who is accused with assault and battery or other crime for which the offender could also be prosecuted in a civil act, if the wounded person states in writing that he/she has received fulfillment for the damage and the case is discharged.
  • An individual whose name or ID has been used without consensus or approval in a criminal situation.
  • A suspect sentenced of a crime who later gets complete forgiveness.

Expungement Process in Shenandoah Virginia

In an expungement process the very first step is to file a petition. The petition will include the date of arrest and arresting agency and is filled in the circuit court of the related city or county where case was heard. This will also include the particular charges to be expunged. A certificate copy of the arrest warrant obtained from the clerk is attached with the petition. A duplicate of the petition is then served on the Commonwealth lawyer in the city or county of the original charge. The expungement lawyer has 21 days to file an opposition to the petition or response it.